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Spred is a program of religious education specifically designed to meet the spiritual needs of persons with developmental disabilities from age six through adulthood.  Spred invites and trains volunteers to prepare a special place where they can welcome persons with developmental disabilities. 

Through the experience of friendship in one-to-one relationships, our friends discover a place where they belong and can enjoy meaningful relationships which help them realize their own giftedness and dignity.  Through participation in a Spred community of faith, our friends are better able to celebrate the sacraments and enter into the worshipping experiences of the whole Church.

Spred offers the following mission statement:

         To form small communities of faith in parishes;

         To welcome persons with developmental disabilities and learning problems;

         To foster inclusion in assemblies of worship.

For more information about Spred, visit Or contact Cheryl Marcotte at the Adminstration Center at 847-524-4429