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Ministry of Praise


Ministry of Praise invites the retired, sick, homebound, elderly and others interested to pray for:

(1) the parish in general,
(2) those who are experiencing illness and/or difficulty in their current life, and
(3) for the endeavors of the parish and its ministries and the Church as a whole.

As you know prayer is the most important activity whether at Mass, saying the rosary, or in your own words communicating with our Savior.  And prayer is most beneficial when offered by those who are in need of healing or are homebound.

Ministers of Praise promise to pray and offer their sacrifices—as well as joys—for the parish and for the universal church.

This Ministry allows all members of the parish to be united in prayer.

Ministers of Praise will receive a certificate of ministry signed by our pastor, a book of suggested prayers, a cross and a monthly booklet of current prayers and prayer requests including the names of the sick and deceased of the parish. 

Members are never asked to attend meetings or pay dues of any kind.

Joining the Ministry of Praise at St. Marcelline is simple.  What is expected of you is that you commit to being a prayerful person.  Agree to set some time aside each day for prayer.  How much time? That is up to you and God.  All the rest will be taken care of for you.  All you have to do is pray.

If you have any questions, please call Mary Kramer, Director of Faith and Formation at 847-524-4429 or email her at