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Welcome To Marriage Preparation


Congratulations on your engagement. May God bless you in your love for one another as you plan and prepare for your wedding day.

The Catholic Community of St. Marcelline welcomes you to the process of marriage preparation offered within the parish facilities and in the homes of Sponsor Couples. The goal of this process is to provide holistic preparation on a personal basis to the Engaged Couples. The Sponsor Couple will assist you in focusing on your interpersonal relationship and your communication skills. They will also help you to plan and prepare the liturgy for the actual celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage.

You will find everything you need to know and do in preparation for your wedding day with respect to the church. The information and checklist contained on this site are provided to guide you through the process. Please read through this information carefully and fulfill all requirements in a timely fashion. Your attention to these details will help the process run smoothly.

Your process of Marriage Preparation requires that you attend nine meetings of varying length. Years of research in both the public and private sectors have shown that preparation for marriage provides a solid base for a newly married couple to build from. Programs that offer the Engaged Couple several opportunities for reflection on the commitment they are making to each other are most beneficial. At St. Marcelline Catholic Church, we are not scheduling meetings for the sake of having the “right” number of sessions. This program has been designed to offer you, the Engaged Couple, the most personal, reflective and holistic preparation possible. The vocation to married life deserves such a program. Your marriage is important to us and we want to give you the gift of our experience.


Initial Application Review Meeting

The purpose of this private meeting is to meet the Pastor, Fr. Hal Stanger, who will provide initial guidance about your Wedding, get to know you both personally, and in a very informal atmosphere, provide you with answers to your questions.


Liturgy & Music Meeting

Your next meeting is privately with the Director of Liturgy and Music. At this meeting, you will make your music selections, choose your readings, draft your Prayers of the Faithful, chose your blessings and prayers, and finalize your contract for the music at your wedding. As indicated under the “Marriage Fees” section, the music for your wedding is contracted separately from the Church. You are required to arrange this meeting and it is strongly suggested that it be scheduled four months prior to your wedding date. 


Engaged Couples Information Night (ECIN)

The purpose of this general meeting is twofold. First, an inventory for marriage preparation called FOCCUS (Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding & Study) will be administered. FOCCUS is the backbone of our program. It consists of over 150 statements reflecting situations in married life that the couple separately responds, either, one’s agreement, disagreement or uncertainty about. At a later date, the answers are compared and a profile created. All of this information is strictly confidential. Your Sponsor Couple and your Celebrant will use the profile as the basis of discussion regarding married life at subsequent meetings with you. The second part of the ECIN is devoted to the subject of your wedding day. During this time we present everything you need to know about getting married at St. Marcelline and in Cook County.’ This meeting is held six times during the year on a Saturday evening and it normally takes about two hours to complete. You will receive an invitation to attend the meeting best suited to your wedding date. Please RSVP as indicated on the invitation.


Sponsor Couple Meetings

You will be asked to schedule two private meetings with your Sponsor Couple to discussion of the FOCCUS profile. These confidential meetings are intended to for your growth as a couple. With your Sponsor Couple acting as the facilitator, you will be encouraged to discuss your responses to the FOCCUS statements with each other. Sponsor Couples are not therapists nor are they experts in married life issues. They are volunteers who wish to share their wisdom and experience with you because the vocation to married life is a blessing to them. Both you and the Sponsor Couple arrange these meetings to fit into your busy schedules. These meeting should be scheduled five or six months prior to your wedding day and they normally last about 2 hours each. Your Sponsor Couple will contact you to set up a mutually acceptable date to meet.


Evening of Celebration (EOC)

On this evening, those Engaged Couples who are to be married in months following are invited to gather together with their Sponsor Couples to celebrate their engagements and pending marriage. This gathering is held on a Saturday evening. It begins by attending Mass with the community of St. Marcelline which is followed by a discussion of ‘Marriage as a Living Sacrament,’ then dinner and finally a liturgy where engagement rings are blessed and wedding vows reflected upon. This general gathering of couples is the longest of the sessions, taking about four hours. It is also, based upon comments made by couples who have attended past EOC’s, a completely enjoyable evening. You will receive an invitation to attend the EOC best suited to your wedding date. Please RSVP as indicated on the invitation.


Celebrant Meeting

The purpose of this meeting is to complete the Prenuptial Questionnaire and for all parties to become acquainted with each other. Due to busy schedules, you are strongly encouraged to set up a private meeting date with your celebrant, as soon as they are assigned. We suggest that this meeting be held two months prior to your wedding and after discussing the FOCCUS at you Sponsor Couple meetings. If you do not know the celebrant assigned to your wedding, please contact the parish office.


Who Do I Call?

For all your questions concerning your marriage at St. Marcelline:

Contact the Administration Center at (847) 524-4429

For questions about your Wedding Music and Liturgy:
Contact Dr. Marc Alan Brunelle, Director of Liturgy & Music
Office: (847) 524-0260


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