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For a child to be baptized in the Roman Catholic Church there must be a basis for hope that the child will be raised in the Catholic faith. In practice, this generally means that at least one parent is Catholic. As parents and primary educators of their child it is exciting to help our children begin to discover what it means to be a follower of Jesus, and in the process we come to know and understand God’s love and caring in deeper ways ourselves. Deciding to baptize your child means that you are willing to take on the responsibility to raise your child in the Catholic faith. You are committed to nurturing that faith by your practice and good example. It is the beginning of your child’s journey of faith, which will last a lifetime. To register for the baptism of your child please call the Parish Office at 847-524-4429.


Baptism Preparation Meeting for Parents

Preparation of the parents for the baptism of your child is required by the Archdiocese of Chicago prior to the baptism. At St. Marcelline this one preparation session is usually scheduled on the third Wednesday of the month in the evening. This is an opportunity to get a deeper sense of the meaning of the sacrament and to become familiar with the baptismal ceremony. You are encouraged to attend this meeting before the birth of your child.


The first important step:

We suggest you register for the Preparation Sessions before your baby is born.


FAQ's about infant Baptism:

1.) Do I need to be a registered parishioner?

No. You do not need to be a parishioner. However, if you live outside of the Archdiocese of Chicago you must get a letter from the parish you attend or the parish whose boundaries you are located in, stating they give you permission to have your child Baptized at St. Marcelline


2.) When do the baptisms take place?


The Sacrament of Baptism is offered twice each month on the second and third Sunday afternoons beginning at 12:00pm, except during the Season of Lent. During Lent there are no baptisms except for emergency situations. On Sunday afternoon the maximum number is four babies.


3.) What's the process of choosing Godparents?


When deciding on godparents, you should consider Christian relatives or friends who:

- Would be a good Christian role model for your child

- Who give witness to God in their everyday lives

- Who are willing to maintain a long-term relationship with your child

- A proxy for the ceremony may be chosen if a godparent cannot attend

What are the requirements of Canon Law for Godparents?

- One godparent, male or female, is sufficient; but there may be two, one of each sex.

- At least one godparent must be a practicing Catholic who has received all three sacraments of Christian Initiation: Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, and be at least 16 years of age, and most importantly must live "a life of faith which befits the role to be undertaken."

- If you feel your special circumstances require additional godparents, you can name additional Christian witnesses, but only 2 godparents will be listed on the Baptismal Certificate.


4.) Is there a fee or expected donation?


There is a fee; however, inability to afford this cost will not prevent your child from being baptized or from you receiving the best preparation that we can offer. It is our hope to offset the expense of the preparation session with your assistance. $75.00 is the requested amount.