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Wedding Music & Liturgy


The Wedding Liturgy

Once you have your date approved, you will first meet with the Pastor, who will explain the details of the liturgy, and paperwork that will be needed in an informal "meet and greet." You will next meet with the Director of Liturgy and Music to choose your music, scripture readings, and the Prayers of the Faithful. You will receive the "Together for Life" book that contains the selections for your readings and Prayers of the Faithful. You can also visit for helpful suggestions and ideas in planning your ceremony. Once you have selected your music and have chosen your readings, you want to make an appointment with the Director of Liturgy and Music.


Music at Your Wedding

In planning the music and liturgy with you, we must follow the official guidelines of the Archdiocese of Chicago. What function does music have in the marriage liturgy? Is it like the exchange of vows – one of those elements without which you can’t have a wedding? Or is it like bouquets and boutonnieres – nice, but nonessential decoration? Certainly, it belongs with the essentials. Music is not a frill; it is an indispensable element of Catholic liturgy. There are parts of the liturgy that absolutely require music. Your careful consideration and selection of music can add a depth to your marriage that you won’t soon forget.


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Wedding Music

Click here to be taken to the Music for your Wedding page where you can listen to examples of the music we offer for your Wedding Ceremony.



All wedding liturgies require the services of a professional parish cantor. The cantor will provide leadership during your liturgy that will enable your guests to feel comfortable in singing the music you have chosen. Our cantors are familiar with how liturgy is celebrated at St. Marcelline’s, which may be different than any other parish. If you request an outside cantor or instrumentalist they must be able to provide references to the Director of Liturgy & Music that can validate their ability and familiarity with Catholic liturgy. We suggest you don’t book an instrumentalist until you have met with the Director of Liturgy & Music.


Guest Organist

The Director of Liturgy & Music or the Assistant Organist assumes the responsibility for all parish weddings. The weddings at this church are part of the compensation package offered to the professional musicians on staff. Therefore, if you request a guest organist to play for your wedding they must be approved by the music staff, and our organist receives their fee regardless.


Planning Your Wedding

1. You are asked to book your wedding meeting with the Liturgy & Music Office four (3) months prior to your wedding date. Do not wait to call until just prior to your wedding date. We cannot guarantee we will have an organist or cantor available at that late date.

2. The current fee for an organist is $225.00 that includes your initial planning meeting and the wedding liturgy. The fee for a staff cantor is $150.00, which normally includes a rehearsal with the organist and the wedding liturgy.

NOTE: All fees must be paid one month prior to your wedding date. You may mail the check or give it to your sponsor couple ahead of time.